Why Choose Us

  • 100% Natural

    The production process does not require cutting or harming any trees. The process is natural and environmental friendly from beginning till end. It is totally natural.

  • 100% Eco-friendly

    Our products maintain the fine balance of nature and do not harm the environment in any way during its production, use or disposal.

  • 100% Biodegradable

    Innowise products are easy to dispose and do not cause any side effects to our natural resources. The products can be put into a compost bin or landfill and can be converted into compost for use in your garden.

  • 100% Chemical free

    Chemical free products are safer for the health of the general population and of the environment. No chemicals are used in the processing of our products.

About Us


Our products can easily be composted in a compost bin. Choose us for a guilt free experience of products that peacefully return to nature via a composting process.

Our products do not transfer any heat or cold while consumption. You can be assured that the dinnerware does not become hot when you are eating a hot curry or cold if you choose to serve ice cream in it.

Unlike many other disposable plates made of plastic/polymer/thermocol, our plates are sturdy and firm. They provide the same firmness you would experience while eating in a traditional dinnerware but without the added weight that comes with traditional dinnerware.

Our products ensure environmental, social and economic benefits while also protecting public health and environment throughout their lifecycle, right from the procurement of raw material until the final disposal. We use resources and methods that are sustainable, allow for regeneration of raw materials and do not contribute to pollution and toxicity in any form. No trees are cut to make any of our products.

Our products do not exploit labour, animals or the environment during the manufacturing process. Innowise makes products that matter and is committed towards taking a series of recognisable steps to improve the conditions of the workers throughout our supply chain. Our products are made in rural parts thus providing employment opportunities to the local population.

With a belief that single-use dinnerware should be well designed, Innowise has focused on developing products with clean lines and an understated, timeless style to help every culinary creation shine.

Check us Out!

Product images are for illustrative purpose only. The actual colour and shade of individual products will vary as it is made from natural Areca leaves. Each product is individually handcrafted with utmost care and although the colour may vary, the quality is guaranteed.